Behind the Scenes

Robson Street | Alley

I very rarely share my photo;  it’s better that people don’t know what I look like when I’m out shooting, but the other day while out shooting on Robson Street, I spotted a stylish couple across the street in front of Plenty.  As I spotted them, they spotted me.  A funny stare-down exchange.  I knew what was about to happen so I crossed the street and approached them.  As I did, the stylish young lady of the duo reached into her bag for a camera.  “You’re going to ask me if you can take may picture.” I said.

“How did you know?” She responded.  I explained I was Robson’s official street style photographer and was about to ask to take their photo.  Coincidentally, when I mentioned I was also ‘StyleQuotient‘ their eyes lit up and they told me they had just been on my site that morning.  Funny as they were visiting from San Francisco and she is a street style snapper for SF Weekly (San Fran’s Georgia Straight of sorts).  I shot them, and she shot me.  Featured here.

Glasses – GUCCI
Shirt – H&M
Cardigan – French Connection
Watch – Nixon
Denim – Burberry
Shoes - Zara
Bag – MAKR Carry Goods
Camera – FUJI X100